Enjoy a whole house

all to yourself.

Updated  May, 2020     

Welcome to the home of the Napa Vacation Rental Owners Association. Your link to the legally permitted whole-house vacation rental homes in Napa. We represent the 41 whole-house vacation rental properties in Napa that are legally permitted by the city of Napa to operate.

What does 'whole-house' mean? It means you get to enjoy the entire property to yourself without on-site hosts impacting your privacy.

We love the so-called ‘sharing economy’ but when its finally time to relax on your hard-earned vacation, you’ll really relax having a whole house to yourself. Each house linked on the next page is an entire house just for you and your family.

With the endorsement and support of the city of Napa, our vacation rental homes utilize a set of guidelines, developed in collaboration with the city of Napa, and undergo periodic fire and safety inspections, with the goal to help ensure your stay is comfortable and safe.

Just as important, when you make a reservation at one of our legally permitted properties, you may rest assured that your reservation will be honored and available when you arrive.

(This may not be the case if you reserve a non-permitted rental.)

Contact us through the links on the next page and enjoy your visit to Napa Valley knowing that you’ve reserved a vacation rental home that is owned and operated legally, professionally and safely.

Napa Vacation Rental

Owners Association